Thursday, December 1, 2011

Running the GNG

I am DAP Tales and all I want to do is write.

OK...that concludes the end of today's affirmation statement. Now ...on to the bitchin'.

This stuff is hard!!! The Georgia Nutts Guild is supposed to be a guild and very few of us are writing or creating artwork. This group is not meant to become just one of the marketing tools that some people think it is...(WOW, I hate ending a sentence with a preposition)

Sure we want to gain readership and slowly introduce our artwork to the public for sale but the purpose of the guild is to be supportive in the development of skill as well as collective marking of the end product. I think fokes forget that part.

End of bitchin'.

Moving on. As the leader of the GNG I am currently working on the new presentation of the site. It is not as friendly as I would like, but the changes are looking humorously promising. Monday.  Yes... Monday is going to be the day I release the new site onto the world (maniacal laughter)!

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