Friday, November 11, 2016

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GNG, alFalaq joins with the Archdiocese of Atlanta to serve several nations in the Starve Wars event.

I like to eat and eat well.  I savor food; it is true it usually takes me longer to eat than those around me.  Hey, Flavor is important.  The experience of food is more than just an act of consumption.  There is something about good food that is satisfying in more than just a physical dimension.  Good food nourishes the soul.  Good flavor fosters good feelings and good times...(more)

Check out our latest cartoon about our mascot and her silly dating antics (click to view)

The Georgia Nutts Guild tackles a haiku challenge. This month we have offerings from DAPTales, alFalaq and Yvonne Walker. (click to view)

We found two intriguing arts to explore this month; Matt Hughes and Lady Jenn.

Lady Jenn

Matt Hughes

Here are a small selection of active bloggers on our FaceBook group page called "Georgia Bloggers and Blog Readers."
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Global lifestyle blog of your new best friends! Everything we say is Verbal Gold! Our #VGBsquad of 20 is spread through the US, UK, Australia, + Ireland!
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Where faith, fashion, food and fun meet or collide. Serena, your brand ambassador,  vows to be your guide through product and restaurant reviews, as she shares with you her own personal journey of faith, struggle and love.

Their goal is the same as yours, to find the best events and locations for families in Middle Georgia, so that they can spend time together at a great price. They highlight activities in Macon, Warner Robins, and Perry Georgia.  If you know of any fun events that fit their criteria, please let them know so that they can add it to their list!

The Pink Lyme, a fashion & lifestyle blog that will make you smile, laugh, and love your life! Brook hails from Savanna GA and is a brand ambassador for The Skimm, a daily e-mail that's sassy, classy, and a little bit smart-assy that sums up all the news you'll need to know for the day so you'll always sound well-informed

Housewives in the City

Housewives in the City was launched in 2011 in the suburbs of Washington DC by our founder, Andrea Khoury. They have now expanded to 15 cities across the US to build hyper-local blogs, supportive online communities of women, and hosted monthly Girls Night Out Networking Socials.
Tabatha will be you local guide. So like her page if you are interested in joining.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Qurious about RGN's July 2016 Artists:

RGN's July 2016 Artists

Danielle Crain

Our Qriosity is always on the prowl; this time we wanted to find out more about Danielle Crain, illustrator, colorist and Georgia Nutts Guild member since 2012.  Danielle's been drawing fantasy artwork for years (and she's got the portfolio to prove it!); her artwork has been featured in an RPG card game and is visible on her art blog.  She is penning and drawing her own fantasy comic and has been an Artist's Alley contributor at local fantasy cons.  Qrious minds know: there's always more to see, so follow these links to see more of what Danielle Crain has been up to.

Kevin Ashford from Catered Cakes

It was at a holiday bazaar at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in West End (a beautiful and historically significant church, tucked into the heart of the West End community) that we first came to notice the delicious bakery work of Catered Cakes.  Nothing arouses a healthy Qriosity as quickly as delectably sweet treats, so naturally, we had to know more.  Catered Cakes has been providing tasty, home style desserts to eager customers around the metro area for several years and have an active presence with offerings in a few local eateries as well.  We wanted to get more in-depth, so we invited Mr. Ashford over for a chat.  The interview and the Catered Cakes website can be found by following these links:

                We took a little time to sit down with Kevin Ashford and ask him about his history in baking, his plans to satisfy the many sweet teeth we know are hanging around the ATL and his ideas for the future.  A soft spoken and personable gentleman, Mr. Ashford was pleased to offer us a glimpse into his world and share some of his feelings and big dreams.  Follow this link to check out the interview.

Natassja Jordan

Being as Qrious as we are (hey, it's a blessing and a curse), we're always prowling, and in our prowls, bumping into the most interesting people.  We bumped into Natasjia Jordan through her online window to the world ATL ON THE RISE, a web based video programme designed to showcase known and up-and -coming music artists in, you guessed it, the ATL.  Seeing her drive to promote local talent (so much like our own!) our Qrious nature was picqued.  The person we met is a bright, motivated young lady whom truly loves her music.  ON THE RISE ATL and Natasjia Jordan herself can be discovered by following these links:

                We wanted to know more (of course) and asked Ms. Jordan to drop by for a few questions about her path to visibility, her desire to bring young talent out of the shadows and her hopes for Atlanta's burgeoning entertainment scene.  Vibrant and friendly, she was happy to share with us some of her history, her likes and dislikes and her big plans moving ahead.  Keep a watch out because, just as the title of her web series suggsests, we think she is On the Rise.  Check out our interview with Natasjia Jordan by following this link.

D.P. Bates, Author of Primary Colors and Me

We were Qrious, oh, so qrious, yes we were, about DAP Tales, founder of the Georgia Nutts Guild and; so we did a little exploring.  Alongside DAP's personal devotion to the Arts in Georgia (she takes it quite personally) is her own drive to create and express.  She's a friend to the artistic community, working her relationships on Facebook and always gathering interest on the web for featured local artists at  You Qrious, too?  Well come see what DAP Tales has going on: just follow these links to learn more.
Order the Book
Primary Colors and Me Blog