Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Just a saucy bun away from the dream

SAUCY BUNS ARE FINALLY HERE! After years of experimentation with recipes and bread, we can finally offer y'all the first items of our menu slated for our Read Georgia Nutts (RGN) restaurant. We appreciate your support with our fundraiser to create a one of a kind casual restaurant that features our delicious saucy menu paired with local talent from writers to musicians. Order today and pick it up next Saturday on the 16th at noon! Can’t make it? We accept donations at readgeorgianutts.com or Cash app $readgeorgianutts

Choose from 2 Minced Turkey Saucy Buns Meal, 2 Chicken Curry Saucy Buns Meal, or pick one of each with our 1 Minced Turkey and 1 Curry Saucy Bun Meal. All of our tasty meals include an 8oz container of yummy yummy Caribbean corn soup, an 8oz container of slaw, Lays potato chips and Arizona sweet Tea. Hungry for just our soup? A 16oz container is available as a meal that will include slaw, chips, sweet tea and a bun for dipping.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

RGN at Indie Author Day 2018

A Moment to Shine

If you are a writer at any level and any genre. you know how it feels to spend countless hours cultivating in your mind and heart the garden of your thoughts and feelings, weeding, pruning, sowing; all to reach that moment when the endless days, both sunny and rainy, of the whole process can bring forth a fruit that transforms that internal grind into something tangible that can be held, shared and appreciated. When that day comes, the next great leg of the writer’s journey commences:  Getting your lovingly cultivated fruit to market and putting it into the hands of readers. An intrepid, yet gut-wrenching moment it can be... but necessary. Any good fruit must be given its chance to nourish someone.

Just such an occasion was happening on October 13th in the form of the Clayton County Library System’s Indie Author Day, held at the South Clayton Recreational Center in Hampton, Ga. So, of course, the Georgia Nutts wanted to be there for our journey too! In this instance, Yvonne Walker and Dap Tales were promoting their books Garden’s Guardian and Primary Colors and Me; respectively. 

The sun shone down from a brilliant blue sky dotted with tufts of cottony clouds as we made our way into the Rec Center gymnasium, where tables and a PA system had been set up for the event. Authors, mostly local, had set up shop at tables spread across the polished wooden floor, seeking to introduce their independently published efforts to the public and peers in their trade.

The first segment of the session allowed the intrepid writers to try their luck with the PA system for a chance to share high points of their offerings to the assembled crowd. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a mostly losing proposition, as the acoustics of the gymnasium itself translated their words into an incoherent cascade of reverberating echoes. I duly rated “Acoustics” as a 1 “for poor” on the evaluation and comments form provided by one of the event hosts. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess. However, Dap Tales and Ms. Walker, with their own glowing charm, overcame the technical hang-ups to represent themselves with sparkling appeal. So, what else is new?

Moving on... Visitors and authors alike milled about freely, crisscrossing the space to greet each other and network. The wares on display included everything from suspense fiction to poetry to children’s books to action adventure to self-help. Milling about myself, along with my brother and Magic the Gathering opponent Harold, I came across table after table of smiling faces and warm greetings, each writer eager to share his or her story. Brother Walker had biblical insight he hoped to impart, while Shirley Merritt’s Turning Lemons intoRaspberry Lemonade sought to share very personal lessons she had gleaned during her battle with a degenerative nerve disorder. GNG alum, Ana’Gia Wright, sported her many contemporary urban novels. There were many others as well, but I’m not about to overlook Dap Tales’ beautifully engaging children’s book, PrimaryColors and Me, or Yvonne Walker’s globe-spanning epic adventure, TheGarden’s Guardian.

All in all, I think it was a good event, well worth the time and I want to share some love and genuine appreciation toward the Clayton County Library System, for caring enough to make the move to give all us indie authors a platform to meet the public and be seen in our community; thanks, guys!  Maybe just work on an alternate plan for the sound in 2019, perhaps? Catch y’all on the rebound!

Other authors:
Patricia Cruzan
Nwankwo Mishad
LaQuarn Micheals

****** UPDATE BY D. P. BATES ******

I am inclined to agree with my husband and colleague, al-Falaq, about our adventure in Clayton County. However, it seems that they have listened to their critiques and have implemented some changes.  My biggest concern was that it looked like a private event for Indie Authors. There was nothing about the event that seemed inviting or open to the public. I plan to attend again this year and I am quite excited about their changes. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

GNG meeting; writing fundamentals -- How to write a good first line

After taking some time to view a video, the GNG members write 3 first lines of 3 different genres. Can you guess which genre? Click here to check it out

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