Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dap tales: Class dismissed.

People are strange. So strange I am beginning to wonder if I am approaching enlightenment. I have decided to throw my hands to the sky and accept the fact that the world will turn whether or not  I pass a test or didn't get somewhere on time. Life is so much sweeter when you decided to leave crap where it the toilet.

Each of my classes is $3000 each and these strange people in my class have elected to text random crap and sling arrows on their facebook pages rather than pay attention. Why did they bother to go after a degree? Watching people fool and tell lies to themselves is much sadder than I realize.  There is a guy in my class who I've nicknamed...small man...Well, small got a 52 out of 100 in class. I watched him glance at the paper, sigh sadly and then he typed in his fb page "Great day today, aced the test...(blah blah)" I did not read the rest. It was bad enough I was a maco.

For shame, small man...don't sweat it, 'cause if you keep things inside and not be yourself, you'll end up like a holy minister I met in a nursing home who, for some reason, need to be a flasher.

Crick Crack, Monkey brake he back on a piece of pomarac. 8/10/11 (School was fun)

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